icaviar (Iranian Caviar)

icaviar Company is the recognized source for the most prestigious Wild Iranian Caviar in the world.

Iranian caviar has best quality in the world, because of ecologic of the southern part of Caspian Sea and health standards, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in all stages of fish processing, handling and transportation, packaging and maintenance of quality worldwide.

Utilization and quality control laboratories equipped with trained and experienced personnel and implementation of global standards to 8017025 and other factors caused stated to the superior quality always preserved in the world and competing in other producing countries, despite all efforts fail in terms of quality of the caviar take precedence.

We only provide the best, never compromise on quality, and ensure our gourmands unparalleled service and selection we provides epicurean's instant access to easily purchase the most cherished and highly sought after international gourmet delights. We eagerly welcome you to elevate your senses with all that icaviar Company has to offer.

icaviar Company seeks the curious and demanding clientele whom appreciate the quality and service our company has to offer. We ship Caviar nation-wide, insured and guaranteed fresh.

Our products certify by A.S.S.H (Agricultural Services Specialized Holding Co.) which is the exclusive producer of Iranian caviar. A.S.S.H actively supports provisions and regulations of CITES convention. It spends considerable money, time and energy on preservation and rehabilitation of sturgeon stocks of the Caspian Sea. We produces the best caviar of the world, from sturgeon species of the Caspian sea based on scientific methods and processors, handles and stores in accordance with international hygienic standards.

International Trade of Caviar

CITES Convention (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) which is affiliated to the United Nations has included sturgeon species in appendix II of the convention due to severe decrease of sturgeon's populations worldwide. Since 1998 trade of caviar and other sturgeon products worldwide has been done under control and supervision of CITES convention. Each year has CITES Secretariat allocates catch and export quotas to the Caspian Sea littoral states as well as caviar producing countries. During recent years the biggest catch and export quotas have been allocated to Iran and in 2006 was the only country which received CITES quota for production and export of caviar.